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Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's always with the leaving with me, huh?

I'd rather not say i'm back forever and not leaving because you never know with me, and because I don't like empty promises.

If I do stick around for awhile then excellent! If not, dammit.

Wow-wee everything has changed so much. The forums are a million times bigger, the CC sites a million times bandwidth sucking, and the people a million times... newer.

The idea for a story I posted long ago is still in my brain and I will indeed act on it soon. Going to open up a 'design a character for the story' thread as soon as I figure out how to install me damn custom skins!

Glad to be here again folks, and here's a few words of wisdom from a bear.

'You never will truly walk out on the Sims.'


  1. Hello! *waves* You have missed a whole lot! ^_^;

  2. VidKid! My love! Or-- err--- something. I have a feeling i'm going to spend the rest of my day catching up on your blog. o.o

  3. LOL! <3 And *glomps* Missed you! :)

    Well I did get perma banned from the forums again for the final time due to the mods stupid beef with me and a certain idiot. Currently at Simpletons where everyone mostly ran to. So if you don't see me posting on the forums, you know why. On my blog if you ever finish catching up. xD I do still lurk tho.

    A summary: Porn trolls taking over the forums, Pets coming, Genration is the newest ep, EA getting bad publicity for allowing porn to be posted on their website, drama llamas, brats spamming, lots of new people and the mods abusing their power. Yep nothing unusual. >_>

  4. Other than the above the forums are boring lately. Has quiet down a lot.

  5. I've noticed that! I got back and was all...

    >.> Where's the fun?
    I'll be sure to look for all my favorite people at Simpletons soon.